Antarctica 2012--2013 Part 7

There's not much time for recreation when you're working 12+ hours per day.

Nevertheless so far I've
-signed up for Race Around the World, a 1.75 mile course around the South Pole. It's held annually on December 24.
-enjoyed the sauna
-went to Ladies' Night at SPT (cross dressing not required): They hold a party in the Dark Sector Lab (same building as BICEP) with science tours and a mini dance floor. And 25 kinds of chocolate.
-signed up to give a talk about Godel's Incompleteness Theorem at the Celebration of Mind on Christmas.
-taken a swing dancing lesson. There were only eight people there so we got to some pretty advanced moves. And about 20 variations of Charleston that I promptly forgot.

Others have been
-playing board games (the CMB crew has been absorbed by Battlestar Galactica)
-making gingerbread houses
-searching for the worst movies in the station store
-measuring the tilt of the Earth's axis on the Solstice

The week of Christmas is supposed to be a bit more relaxed.

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