Antarctica 2012--2013 Part 2

Surprisingly, given how the trip had gone so far, the SuperShuttle to the airport was exactly on time. Everyone on it was going to Antarctica so we shared advice, worries, and troubles. I wasn't the only one missing luggage.

At the Clothing Distribution Center (CDC) we started the process of getting our Emergency Cold Weather (ECW) gear. There were multiple jackets, wind pants, gloves, mittens, hats, goggles, long johns, and a big red parka. I asked for extra socks, getting a total of four pairs to add to the one currently on my feet and zero spares. We were advised to try everything on. I exchanged a few items for better fit. Then we had to pack everything up in two orange bags. One with everything we needed for "Ice" flights (parka, wind pants, goggles, gloves, boots, hat), and the other with everything else to go as checked luggage. After repacking my ECW gear, I went over to the travel office to check on my luggage. The airlines still hadn't found it.

Back in town, I walked up and down the street to look for lunch. Half the restaurants were closed because of earthquake damage. I eventually settled on a nice cafe with a salmon cream cheese quiche. Back at the hotel, I was advised that tomorrow's flight to McMurdo would be checking in at 9:30. I got a call from the front desk just to say that my luggage was still missing. I decided this would be an experiment in minimalist living.

The next morning (Dec. 4) I decided to try calling about my luggage one more time. Amazingly, it was at the airport! Back at CDC, it was time to put on our ECW and sort our bags. In addition to the usual categories of carry on and checked luggage, we had to pack a special "boomerang" bag which would be returned to us in case the plane had to turn around and come back to NZ. Other checked luggage would not be returned to us until Antarctica. I ended up repacking a bit at the last minute since my missing luggage didn't arrive until the end of this process. Then we went to get weighed, briefed, and inspected. We boarded a bus that took us to the LC-130,

and promptly turned around and took us back to the Antarctic Terminal. The flight was rescheduled for 2 PM. I took some pictures at the Antarctic Centre. At 2 PM the flight was canceled. We got our boomerang bags back and new hotel assignments. I'm now rooming with an engineer on some other CMB experiments. We went for a run through the city, finding lots of construction, a river, and a park.

In the next segment, does Immanuel get to Antarctica?

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